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Welcome to Bella’s Schnauzers

We Do the Schnauzer Right

At Bella’s Schnauzers, we are delighted to be the best and most affordable miniature Schnauzer breeders in California. We have been producing and delivering these beautiful human companions to loving families for many years.

Our Bella, the parent and third-generation champion bloodline, is the finest quality Schnauzer and holds the certificate of the American Kennel Club.

Meet the Breeders

Ryan and Courtney Lynch, the dedicated breeders of Bella’s Schnauzers, have spent their life loving and caring for miniature Schnauzers. They don’t breed for pleasure or profit but because they genuinely adore the furry little human friend.
Deriving solely from the purest and finest bloodline, Ryan and Courtney breed and train Schnauzers to be the most wonderful dogs they can be. They make sure the most exemplary traits are bred into their miniature Schnauzer puppies by paying close attention to their heritage, temperament, and health.


The Best a Pet can Get

We take pride in breeding and growing all Schnauzer puppies as if they were our own, leaving no stone unturned in providing premium care and health management through frequent health exams and regular testing.

Find the Best Breed Right Here

Along with particular attention to the Miniature Schnauzers’ health, we also take extreme heights to train them right to help you choose the perfect companion. We firmly believe that Miniature Schnauzers are excellent family dogs and incorporate this philosophy into our training. They are gregarious, energetic, amusing, easy to train, and can be your child’s best buddy with their intelligence and playful attitude.


We Deliver Authenticity

Our breeding process is transparent through and through, and we take significant measures to keep our dogs’ heritage, health, and disposition optimal. Our honesty and loyalty to the process are stepping stones to the finest quality Miniature Schnauzers we deliver to you.

Get a Schnauzer and make your walks fun!