"I loved hearing what Bella's are doing and how they work to breed healthy puppies and take care of their miniature schnauzers."

Emanuel Rodrigez

"My colleague informed me that his neighbor is beginning a new endeavor for breeding schnauzers, so I went to check on that. The way they are maintaining it and concentrating on caring for the schnauzers was extremely beautiful."


"I adore schnauzers, and Bella's Schnauzers is the greatest location for breeding when the time comes. Through social media, I learned about Bella's Schnauzers, and I liked it."


"Because Bella's Schnauzers' eyes seem to be scanning the Schnauzers, I adore them very much. They only need to look at them to inform you of the schnauzers' breeding history. What a fantastic appearance for a new company."


"Although Bella's Schnauzers is a new company, you wouldn't know it from the way they work. I like how they treat the pets, and they are always friendly. Bella's Schnauzers are fortunate. Bravo to them."